Ethics and enterprise

Italian entrepreneurs have a new guide

A change took place at the top of the General Confederation of Italian Industry: the new president appointed Vincenzo Boccia, successor to Giorgio Squinzi and Emma Marcegaglia (now president of BusinessEurope) confirms a “European” line and the importance of a forward-looking and responsible entrepreneurial vision. Just like Boccia himself had anticipated on the stage of the 2012 Oscar Pomilio Forum

Invited to talk about the relationship between ethics and business, Boccia identified a necessary link between moral values and enterprise: the ethical dimension of responsibility, that men have as individuals and as a community with shared rules, feeds a conscious, far-sighted and honest entrepreneurial vision"Unscrupulous persons - said Boccia – asks themselves  “how much money can I take home today?,  while the entrepreneur wonders “how will my company be in a few years?”».


A life lesson with Jabbar

At the Oscar Pomilio Blumm Forum, NBA champion says: «Taking your time is getting your future: be ready to seize your chance»

Meantime: between project and action

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the champion who reinvented the sport in 3 seconds, at the Oscar Pomilio Blumm Forum


Neuroprotection of the visual system: on October 7, a joint meeting in Rome